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How to Fix Windows Store Missing Windows 10?

Last night’s Windows 10 build shipped with an irritating bug for some. Upon installation of the update, users discovered that the Microsoft store was rendered inaccessible, and attempting to fix the issue manually would only exacerbate the problem. A user on the Microsoft Answers forum has come up with a solution to the problem, but you’ll have to delve into PowerShell to do it. Here’s how to fix it:
·Launch PowerShell as admin by pressing Windows key + X or right-clicking on the Start Button and selecting the relevant option. ·Once PowerShell is open, copy and paste the following – Get-AppXPackage *WindowsStore* -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”} ·Restart your PC. The Microsoft Store should now be accessible once more. Give it a try, and let us know how it works in the comments below.


How to Install Malwarebytes on Windows PC?

Plenty of users have said that reinstalling Malwarebytes from scratch fixed their issue permanently and that is something you should try as the most secure and the longest method. However, if you purchased the Premium a version of the tool, you will need to find a way to retrieve your Activation ID and Key.
Steps for Malwarebytes Installation:1.Type “regedit” in the Search bar which you should be able to access after clicking on the Start menu or the Search button next to it. You can also use the Windows Key + R key combination which should open the Run dialog box where you can type “regedit” and click OK. 2.Use one of the locations in the registry presented below to retrieve your ID and Key, depending on your PC’s architecture: 3.Open MBAM >> My Account and click on Deactivate. Navigate to Settings >> Advanced Settings and uncheck the box next to the “Enable self-protection module” option. 4.Close MBAM and download the “mbam-clean.exe” tool from Malwarebytes’ site (the downl…

How to Fix Avast Error 42125?

Avast antivirus is listed company software which has kept high value at the top level in the antivirus industry in the whole world. Everyone knows about its products as well as use it also. Nowadays, antivirus software has become a very important thing for every digital device. Because it will protect the device from the threats or bad effective layers which may corrupt the device anytime. But Avast antivirus user may face some kind of error issue as like avast error 42125. If you want to Renew Avast subscription, then you can read here. Most of the people are having the same problem with their installed Avast antivirus software. And in that case, they all try to find out to get the best way to solve this error code as quickly as. But some user gets find easily but some are unable to get it. So it's in not their mistake because sometimes, the issue is really hard which can never solve with our efforts without taking any technician's help. And the main thing is which must be kep…

How To Fix AVG UI Failed To Load Error?

How To Fix AVG UI Failed To Load Error? The virus is a very dangerous and serious issue which may damage your computer or laptop or any digital device which you do use. And for your device protection, you feel need any protection software like AVG Antivirus. Sometimes, the users have to be faced any kind of error like, AVG UI Failed To Load while scanning or installing and the user don't get understand what should have to do for getting solved this error problem. And the user thinks constantly How to Fix AVG UI Failed to Load Error? And as well as regular thinking the user gets angry and upset. But the problem has not been getting solved by the user.
Due to some activity, the error may come:1.Sometimes, the user opens the folder of spam and without concerning the user clicks on the link which already has been provided for clicking. The user clicks because they don't get to know the link is with the virus. 2.Sometimes, the user clicks on that link which related to offer purposes l…

How to Fix Norton Error 8504on Windows or Mac?

If you get Norton Error 8504 with your antivirus software and you are looking for the best solution to fix it. Did you get any best way to solve that error code? Have you solved the error of your antivirus? Are you getting disturbed due to your Norton antivirus software problem? Does your antivirus showing error? Do you need tech help for fixing the problem? If you have installed or downloaded Norton antivirus in your computer and now that software is creating issue constantly and you are not able to fix that issue by yourself. If you want to take help any tech expert for fixing this problem so here we will let you know some easy methods which you have to follow as well as apply. Then, the error will be gone easily 100%.
Causes behind of showing Norton Error 8504:Some possible reasonable points we did share below which can be behind its showing of the error code. 1.If any installation product got failed. 2.Due to improper download process. 3.And one of that reason is it may create the issu…

How can you add your printer to Windows 10?

If you have a problem to install your printer on Windows 10 and you need help in this matter. So please cool down, and read our article once. If you don't know the process to add the printer device then, after reading our content you will get to learn about it all easily. Today's time everyone (every age people) are using electronic gadgets like students are using for learning and gaining the knowledge purpose and professionals persons are using the printer device for making the presentation and print it as like much more printing works have been doing by the people in the whole world. We are also one of them who do use the printer the device at our home or office and we have already been seeing it for a long time ago because it’s a common thing nowadays. But few people are unknown to install a printer on Windows 10.
Procedure to add your printer to Windows 10: Now talk about it, if you don't know the process to add your printer please don't worry and read our given inst…